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[ assassin's creed iii || ratonhnhaké:ton + struggle ]

woodkid || run, boy, run
saxon shore || tweleven
zola jesus || manifest destiny
jesper kyd || aphelion
ms mr || bones
imagine dragons || radioactive
florence + the machine || breath of life
sully erna || broken road
woodkid || iron
emancipator || all through the night
daniel licht || honor to all


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oops i mixed again.

this one's the general heartbreak that comes with sea shanties and the irish, but then, samuel beechworth did go to sea to forget a hopeless love.

[ dishonored || samuel beechworth + the sea]

great big sea || the banks of newfoundland
nightwish || the islander
string sisters || luseblus

damien dempsey || factories
celia ní fhátharta || úna dheas ní nia
alasdair fraser || sally mo ghradh
damien dempsey || go to sea no more
loreena mckennitt || kecharitomene


commentary on the lyrics )
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At least it's not some form of an industrial mix this time.

adamant blue

[ assassin's creed || altaïr ibn-la’ahad + hunting ]

shiva in exile || he’neya
stellamara || prituri se planinata
conjure one || redemption
dead can dance || dawn of the iconoclast
shiva in exile || bullet
mince pye || medieval drum dance
the moors || the hunter
e.s. posthumus || pompeii
buckethead || coma [feat. azam ali and serj tankian]


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Reminded that a) I really need to expand my music library at this point, and b) Hugh Dancy is a fine, fine man.

hannibal || will graham + falling

a perfect circle || the outsider [resident renholder remix]
deftones || change
jem || 24
black light burns || iodine sky
florence + the machine || girl with one eye
puscifer || rev. 22:20 [dry martini mix]
emancipator || ares
tricky || excess
tool || vicarious
halou || wholeness
lunatic soul || summerland


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Title from Litany on the White Cliff.  This fucking game, goddamn.

[ dishonored || corvo attano + betrayal ]

mass effect || leaving earth
rob dougan || left me for dead
collide || some kind of strange
apocalyptica || peace
puscifer || the undertaker
muse || take a bow
infected mushroom || heavyweight
collide || feed me to the lions
tricky || excess
bush || mouth [the stingray mix]
lunatic soul || where the darkness is deepest
a perfect circle || judith [renholder remix]
lacuna coil || our truth

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album cover
album back

I'll probably have stuff to say about my choices later but SO MUCH TO DO TODAY FUUUUUUUUCK.

(graphics by me; I took the screenshot in the first, but the second image is ripped straight from this post about the HUD development)
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Listed in descending order from newest to oldest.

[ assassin's creed iii || ratonhnhaké:ton + struggle  ]
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[ dishonored || samuel beechworth + the sea]
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[ assassin's creed || altaïr ibn-la’ahad + hunting ]
[lj post] [listen]

[ hannibal || will graham + falling ]
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[ dishonored || corvo attano + betrayal ]
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[ avengers || tony stark + transhumanism || fic soundtrack ]
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