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The TrustVerse
Art of War

TrustVerse Index
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The TrustVerse
Final Fantasy VII
Zack/Aeris, Sephiroth/Cloud+Zack

Because [personal profile] artimusdin is pure plotbunny evil (as well as a damn good beta and fandom resource), this is humbly presented in her honor.  :D

--The fanart  that inspired it (also by artimusdin).

1. Give or Take
Written 4 November 2007
"Zack taught Cloud to be strong, but Cloud taught Zack to be human."

Art of War
Written 7 November 2007
"There’s a reason the gods kept themselves separate from mankind."

Written 9 November 2007
"Zack wasn’t sure he’d change things if given the chance, and that was the worst part of all."

4. Conspiracy Theory

Written 14 November 2007
"It isn’t paranoia if they really might be after you."

5. Sanctuary
Written 3 February 2008
"Never trust a man to do things right when a woman can do it better."


Updated: 3 February 2008

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Chapter 6 )
Chapter Index
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Written 18 September 2007

Not sure I got across what I was going for, but it made me smile while writing if nothing else.
Unbetaed.  Warning for fluff.


Wee, off to dance class now.  X3
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Started 2 March 2007 

Pairings: Riku/Sora, Sephiroth/Cloud, Seifer/Squall
AU.  "Riku finds peace with Sora, Leon, and Cloud, but a remnant from Cloud's part becomes the result in their futures.  It isn't the light you see before you die, but the darkness, and even the devil was once an angel."
(Gee, that wasn't full of give-aways at all...)
Warnings for drug use, NCS, mental illness, dark themes, etc.  Woot.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

work in progress... 

Last update: 16 November 2007
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Anywhere Out of the World
Written 10 September 2007

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The new PS1 memory card I bought doesn't work.  I tried FFVII, and though it said it saved my game, it wasn't there when I went back.  And now I'm PISSED, especially because I waited too long after the sixty-something-day-deadline to return the damn thing.  (What?  I've been too busy to play as much as I wish I could...)


So.  Anyway.  New plot bunnies, but I'm restraining myself until I get my current multi-chapter fucking DONE already.  I don't know why I keep setting myself up for those when I know that I'm probably going to lose interest in the story before I ever finish it, but I want to share anyway.  Beware the long rambling.

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Then You Die
Written 26 March 2007
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Mamma's Boy
Written 27 February 2007

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I was just sitting outside the dining hall.  
This last Latin class, it was hard to concentrate because I got caught up in a plot-bunny for Naruto.  (Christ, someone shoot me.)  I think I've found a way for Sasuke to get the Mangekyou Sharingan without actually killing Naruto, because it's all a matter of semantics, really, and several professors have told me I'm a master of bullshit.

The next part for IP is coming very, very slowly, because although I know exactly what I want to happen, it just isn't.  But I'll get it out of my head eventually if I have to take a power drill to it.
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Someone left a review for IP saying it was a confusing story.  I'm sorry if it is.  -_-;;  But, er, since I don't know which part is causing the confusion, well, I thought I'd try and cover all the bases.

(Spoilers here...)

Sephiroth )

I like Quistis and Zell, but for some reason I can't write them for crap.  I feel terrible, because they feel so...cardboard-ish to me in this story, but I don't know how to fix it.  *sighs*

Uh, that's all I can think of while I procrastinate finishing Latin homework.  :)  If something doesn't make sense, I didn't mention something, or if you have a suggestion, please let me know.  I hope this helps, whoever might have been confused.


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