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You guys make me so happy.  <3

death is the ultimate equal-opportunity employer
: [livejournal.com profile] zeffy_amethyst 
Prompt: Gundam Wing. 1x2. "All things are equal in the eyes of Death."
Note: Mild crossover with Supernatural, but you don't need to know it to understand. Imagine it's just an AU.
Word Count: 1,131

Death ain't got an opinion until you go fucking around with his job. )
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I am, apparently, on a revision trip.  (Or it might just be that someone offered to translate this into Portuguese, so I was rather honor-bound to go back and fix it. <3)

In Possession (Revised)
Pairing: Slight 1+2
: You know those fics where Duo's horribly abused and needs a dashing savior like Heero to put the pieces back together? Yeah, this isn't one of those. Unbetaed.
: 7 May 2010

"So, what rumors have you heard circulating about Heero? Because if it has anything to do with pipe bombs and small furry animals, I totally didn't start it." )

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Until Dina and I work out the kinks in Eir's, I'm trying to finish up the pieces I have littering my fic folder.

Rare Is the Man
Oneshot, supernatural fantasy AU.  Rather strange.  Unbetaed.


“Rare is the man that can love Death without regret.” )
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Set in The Dark Knight movie-verse.  Did anyone else wonder how the fuck Batman got that cell phone tracking thing set up without Lucius' help?

Dogs of War
: vague 1x2 (and totally Joker+Batman if you read as much subtext as I do)
Warnings: Two racist terms, some foul language, and anarchism.

TANGENT #1: [personal profile] maldoror's fic Freeport has very nearly sold me on anarchism.  And no, I'm not being facetious.

TANGENT #2: Found this article about ten minutes after finishing this oneshot.
"Fearful for her grandson, Khadan-Newton began a drawn-out, heartbreaking effort to rescue him and his mother. She pleaded with police, social workers, judges and politicians to intervene, but she said she always got the same response: Since the child was with his mother, who left home willingly, nothing could be done. She sued for custody, but her daughter could not be found to be served with papers."

TANGENT #3: How many people have I pissed off with the flist flooding?
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The Cliche-Verse
Gundam Wing; WIP; 1x2/2x1
A post-war series of oneshots aimed at all those infuriatingly insulting cliches concerning GW fandom; specifically, Duo Maxwell.  (I figured that since I was writing them anyway, I might as well make them all nice and organized.)  Listed in vaguely chronological order, which probably isn't the order they were actually written in.

...I have way too much time on my hands.


1. Reverse Psychology
19 December 2007
(The Duo's-a-moron cliche.)
"Most people become Preventers to maintain world peace.  Most people, except Duo."

2. Build a Bridge
(...and get over it. The obligatory traumatic past cliche.)
"Why Une eventually assigned Duo to the undercover ops department."

3. In Possession
9 December 2007
(The weak-and-whiny-super!uke-Duo cliche.)
"You know those fics where Duo's horribly abused and needs a dashing savior like Heero to put the pieces back together?  Yeah, this isn't one of those."
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Curved Lines
Written 24 December 2007

Heero/Duo fluff with no redeeming value whatsoever, and so short I couldn't come up with a better title or summary.  Please accept this as a humbug's humble holiday gift to you all.
There's just something about the softness of someone on the verge of waking up that makes me forget how much I generally don't like people.

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In Possession
Written 9 December 2007

Some humor, a very tiny bit of fluff, and slight 1x2.  And because I've never understood how fic writers can turn someone like Duo into a whining, helpless coward. Unbetaed.

(Finals?  What are these 'finals' that you say I should be studying for instead of writing fanfiction?  Pffft.)
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The Language of Angels
Edited 3 November 2007

Chapter 1 )


Chapter Index
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The Language of Angels
Written 2 November 2007
Pairings: 1x2; 3x4; past 5xMeiran
Summary: Learning to love death means learning to love life. (Incomplete.)
Warnings: Language, some blood and violence, Shinigami!Duo and other supernatural stuff.  (Yay!)

Still in the very beginning stages, technically started a few months ago and then put on hold in favor of Imperfect Tense.  Sorta hoping to finish in time for GWYaoi's next novella challenge, but knowing me, that probably won't happen.  Meh, an amateur can dream.

Chapter 1  
Chapter 2


Updated: 3 November 2007
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Your Good People
Written 14 March 2007

-A couple people have complained about this.  After dealing with my aunt for years and the two women that showed up at the door when I was a kid who scared me away from Christianity, I don't particularly give a shit.  Don't bother flaming.


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