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Dreaming Electric
MCU || NC-17 || Steve/Tony (Tony/Pepper breakup, bawww) || ~48,000 words

New York City is still rebuilding in the wake of the Chitauri army when the biotech virus Extremis is released, upgrading a lone domestic terrorist into a posthuman threat. Tony would’ve been happy to keep going on playing with alien tech in his lab, saving average citizens as Iron Man, and pretending not to notice these other people moving into his tower, but sometimes a person just can’t have nice things.

My artists: waferkya (link pending) + angelicfoodcake.  Please give them some well-deserved love.
  • Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] tir_synni, whose notebook I accidentally destroyed with yakisoba and so repaid with actually finishing this (plus a new notebook).  She and my BFF gave me feedback; all remaining mistakes are my own and my stubbornness'.
  • Warnings: referenced past child abuse; some disturbing and violent imagery; a very small amount of subtextual internalized homophobia; a few mentions of anti-Semitism, racism, and political extremism.
  • Spoilers for Marvel’s oneshot Item 47.
  • Movie-verse with the substantial use and abuse of 616 canon (see endnotes for more specifics).
  • Questionable use of science, programming, a couple non-English phrases, and too many references to pop culture and science fiction.
  • Some characters get little to no face-time because I ran out of time and, since this is technically for the Cap and Iron Man community, I wanted to stay focused. I’m working on companion bits for Rhodey, Natasha, and Pepper in particular.
  • If anyone’s read my FFVII stuff, a couple asides might be familiar. Whoops.
  • Have a music download.
  • Posted to AO3 because I don't have the time to fight LJ's word limits right now.
( "I wonder what counts as AI porn?" Tony wonders out loud. "Shoving a plug into a socket? Siri and her filthy little dirty-talk?" )
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I'm sorely tempted to write more of this.  I even have a general plot idea, which is a bad thing because I've got other WIPs looking at me with Cloud's big sad blue eyes.  For now, just a oneshot, and my first X-Men fic in five or six years.  Woo for nostalgia.

[by [livejournal.com profile] awesome ]

I Have a Holy Duty to Unzip Your Genes
X-Men || R (sex, language, crack) || Charles/Erik || 2,100 words || Good Omens fusion
“Genetics, my fine man,” Charles declares, unperturbed when Erik has to poke him back upright on his stool, “is God’s finest miracle.”
  • For this prompt + gif, made by [livejournal.com profile] awesome , on the [livejournal.com profile] 1stclass_kink  meme
  • References to X-Men comic canon, Neil Gaiman's 1602 graphic novel, Dogma, and the Bible (duh).
  • Charis, meaning “grace,” is one of the Gnostic luminaries of divine will; also, this.  It was the only angelic name beginning with ‘Char-‘ that was even vaguely relevant, although whether it's angelic or an abstract personification depends on the source material.

“I rather liked the water to wine bit, myself,” he says. “Or the healing of the centurion’s fucktoy.” )
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Femmeslash!  \o/  When I was reading the prompts, I saw this one and flailed about it to [livejournal.com profile] chofi .  Turned out she was the one that had submitted it, which just made it better.  Hee.  So really, this is for her (if she wants it).

Unbeta'd because of the looming deadline.

god put a song on my palm
FF7 || PG-13 - some sexuality || Tifa/Aeris || 1,850 words
Prompt: Tifa/Aeris, work-worn hands.
  • For the [livejournal.com profile] yuri_challenge , posted here; alternately, my own (new) DW.
  • Slight fusion with SPN, but you don't really need to know it to read this; pretend it's a real-life!AU.
  • The "Jesse" here is from the beginning of FF7.
There were odd calluses from the grip of a shotgun, a machete, an iron crowbar, because you never knew what a case would demand while hunting. )
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Written to Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason.  God I love that album, whatever [livejournal.com profile] croix_souillees says.  Hee.  Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] rosalui as a schmoopy hug.

Breathe In
FF7 || R - sexuality, drug-use || Zack/Cloud, hinted Zack/Cloud/Aeris || 1,400 words || pre-Nibelheim
Prompt #49: Stoned, from [livejournal.com profile] 100_situations  . Shotgunning and a lazy evening sky.

"Breathe, Cloud," and he does, draws the air from Zack's lungs into his. )

X-posted to
[info]ffvii_yaoi  and [info]ffvii_clack .
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Note to self: The next time a hot Ukrainian guy hits on you, don't automatically respond with, "I'm studying to go into a nunnery."  Especially when dressed that day like the rejected fourth witch-sister from Hocus Pocus and having been single for a while.  OPPORTUNITY: LOST.

Pulled Pork
Sam/Dean. Hard R for sexuality, language.  ~790 words. 
CRACK, TWT, AND THE PORNIEST THING I'VE WRITTEN which really isn't saying much but oh god.  I'm so sorry.  Also, BACON LUBE = KINDA LIKE BACON BITS ONLY NOT REALLY, and Obama sex-dolls will never get old.

When Dean stomped into the motel room, Sam barely had time to close his laptop before he heard, “Catch, bitch,” and nearly got brained by a small flying object. )

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like sin in your mouth
For: [livejournal.com profile] spellhorn 
Prompt: Jesus/Judas.  "Sweat."
Word Count: 63 - less than a drabble?  ^^;

What Judas remembered most clearly. )

Mea Culpa
For: [livejournal.com profile] rethira 
Prompt: Lucifer/any (all) angels.  "The fact that they are, in a way, sinning against God and Lucifer manages to convince them not to care."
Word Count: 103

It is disobedience, they said. )

to love the right, yet do so wrong
: [livejournal.com profile] etrix 
Prompt: Lucifer/Michael.  "Mere humans beat them. How do they live with that? Who do they blame?"
Word Count: 370
Note: "Swan Song" coda with bonus Sam and Adam.

What is suffering, Lucifer asked. )
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For: tricksterschild
Prompt: "Cait Sith/ Nanaki (not necessarily paired but companions) - discussing the oddness of humans. I would assume this would be during the game but could be set at any time. Although if its after the game, it might be Reeve/Nanaki."
Note: Pretend Cait Sith is still around.
Word Count: 463

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. )
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Table 5 from [livejournal.com profile] 100_situations  (though I reserve the right to switch out some prompts as allowed by the rules, bwahaha).

Read more... )
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Remember that alphabet meme I started ages ago?  Here's part 3 of 4.  Ahaha...yeah.


N is for Never )
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Sorry for the wait.

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Instead of posting all at once or one at a time, I'll just put the alphabet drabble requests I got from you people up in sections.  Seems best overall.  Hope they're satisfactory.

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 I'm feeling daring and somewhat masochistic right now (and wanting an excuse from schoolwork, as usual).  So in the spirit of such icons as   [personal profile] chibirisuchan  and   [personal profile] ciceqi  , I'm opening myself up for the reception of drabble requests, alphabet style.  (Innuendo intended.  Woof.)

EDIT: Holy crap, is that all of them?  This post hasn't even been up for 24 hours.  *blinks*  Huh.  In any case, thank you to everyone who claimed something--I'll get to them the moment I put the last period in the last conclusion for my papers.  (Hee, I'm really really excited, actually.)

 Why doesn't LJ have 'violent' listed in the Mood category?  DISCRIMINATION, I say. 

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Due to something that's come up (unrelated to school or work) I've been more on edge, emotionally, than usual.  This means either a prolonged writer's block, or a mad flurry of after-finals fanficcing.  Guess we'll find out.  *head-desk*  Still no update for at least two weeks though, most likely.

Oh!  I have a fanfiction challenge, if anyone's interested.  >:)

Background: I was reading an article in a recent Spin magazine about Marilyn Manson.  Apparently (from what I remember) he has a nineteenth-century embalmer's table in his artist's room, still brown with the stains of dead bodies, and he's fantasized about having sex on it.  (I'm surprised he hasn't yet.  I haven't been able to stop fantasizing about it.)

The Challenge:  
A oneshot or multi-part involving smut and the table of either an embalmer or a coroner.  (If someone wants to, this can include Hojo's lab tables as well--as long as torture or dead bodies were involved with this table in some way.)  
Fandoms: Whatever, whichever, however many.
Pairings: Preferably femme/slash, but whatever the writer wants; het, yaoi, yuri, three-or-more-somes.  (I'm not much one for shota, though, I have young nieces/nephews of whom I'm unhealthily overprotective, and it bothers me.)
Genre:  The more mind-fuckingly twisted, the better, though humor would be interesting as well.

And please, send me a link to the finished piece.


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