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(Complete rewrite of a previously posted story.)

Pairings: Riku/Sora; Sephiroth/Cloud+Zack; adult!Seifer/Squall
Rating: R - angst, physical/mental torture, government conspiracies, references to rape and drugs.  Cloud is also crazier than usual.
Note: Bastard fusions of FF7, FF8, and FFX canon to KH.  Things like potions, materia, and moogles have been retained because mundane AUs are boring as hell to write.  Unbetaed.


The fine lines between love and obsession. )
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Pairing: Riku/Sora
For [livejournal.com profile] canopy_walker, because I’m so used to playing the Riku to her Sora that these two always make me think of her.

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It's probably fairly obvious that I absolutely love fusions and crossovers, and Kingdom Hearts is tailor-made for that.  So I thought that, uh, I might propose a new 'verse open for everyone to participate (because I, at least, was having fun with the idea).  I always liked the way that [personal profile] icedark_elf allows people to play openly in her Mercverse with only some bare guidelines.

Twilight Town-verse
No rules, no worries, etc.  "Akuna matata" and all that.
~Personal preference believes that the best crossovers happen when some aspect of the characters from fandom A are clarified or developed through interaction with the characters of fandom B, but that's just me.

Characters: Jak+Daxter, hinted Cloud+Zack.

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Because it was either this or a long emo-ridden rant.  This seemed the lesser evil.
Still have more fic to post over the next few days.  I apologize again for f-list flooding.

Not Like That
Pairing: One-sided Riku+Sora
Oneshot, angst.

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Untitled (aka "HalloweenTown!Zack")
: Zack+Cloud
Kingdom Hearts-verse, humor, oneshot.  Dina was talking about ninja!Zack while I listened to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

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Instead of posting all at once or one at a time, I'll just put the alphabet drabble requests I got from you people up in sections.  Seems best overall.  Hope they're satisfactory.

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It's short because I lost my train of thought.  Seriously, that's it.  ^^;  Unbetaed.
Still for [personal profile] icedark_elf's Mercverse.

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(Give me a moment to brag about the 95/100 I got on my 'angels in Byzantine art' essay and the A+ for my 'sodomy in Dante's Inferno paper.  XD)

I'm not very happy with this chapter, but I want it to GO AWAY.  *dies*

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(for  [info]icedark_elf  's mercverse)

The quotation in here comes from 1 Corinthians 13; it essentially refers to the idea that knowledge means nothing without love *pokes Ansem*, and that humanity perceives the world in a flawed way.  Um, basically.  I'm sorry, but it really did make me think of Ansem. [/dorkiness]
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WIP; fan-fanfic; Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts xover

Pairings: Cloud/Sephiroth/Zack/Vincent/Chaos, and any combo thereof.

Warnings: Blood and disturbing content, foul language, and potential NCS.
Note: Written for 
[info]icedark_elf ’s mercverse, and using 
  [info]edenfalling ’s Yesterday and Tomorrow as background.  And probably butchering everyone else’s contributions in the process, for that matter.  Also borrowing heavily from Lena ban Obsidian’s oneshot trilogy.  It’s brilliant, and I humbly bow before its shininess.

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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Chapter 3
Written 19 December 2007

"Kid’s blond, he can’t help it. Maybe it’s the face—if you weren’t so damn cute, kiddo, maybe you wouldn’t have this problem. It’s the whole shoot-me-I’m-just-that-unbearably-adorable-and-wide-eyed thing you’ve got going, it’s like mating pheromones for sociopaths and serial killers and creepy Japanese businessmen."
There is nothing better than having a warm, silky, sleepy cat sprawled over your legs as you play on the comp.  Seriously.  *huggles the kitty*
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This has been sitting around for a few months, so I finally got around to finishing it; at eighteen pages in Word, I think it's the longest single chapter I've ever written.  *head-desk*  I want it to go away now so it doesn't keep taunting me with the guilty knowledge that I have something else to finish.

Chapter 2 )
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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
 Written 15 October 2007

Chapter 2 )
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Started 2 March 2007 

Pairings: Riku/Sora, Sephiroth/Cloud, Seifer/Squall
AU.  "Riku finds peace with Sora, Leon, and Cloud, but a remnant from Cloud's part becomes the result in their futures.  It isn't the light you see before you die, but the darkness, and even the devil was once an angel."
(Gee, that wasn't full of give-aways at all...)
Warnings for drug use, NCS, mental illness, dark themes, etc.  Woot.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

work in progress... 

Last update: 16 November 2007
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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Started 9 September 2007

KH/HP crossover/parody. WIP.
Humor; PG-13 for language/innuendo
Pairings: None, for now, but I'll probably give in to the Sephiroth/Cloud eventually.  Grrr.
Summary: "Cloud and Leon thought the destruction of their worlds was bad, but then, they'd never been drafted to teach Defense to Senseless English Wizarding Children by one Cunning Old Headmaster Who Should Be Shot."
Warnings: TWT, OOC, and random details not just from Kingdom Hearts but also Final Fantasy VII/VIII.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Updated 20 December 2007

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Summary: (Post-KH2) Sora thinks he and Riku are equals, no matter the past, but Riku can’t help but compare them.

I started this a while ago and totally forgot where I was going with it--something about the differences between Riku and Sora and light and darkness, or something to that effect--so now it’s a drabble that may, one day far in the future, turn into something more.  But not now.

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Sparkles the Star and How Not to Pirate Stuff
Written 16 April 2007

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Ask Alice
Written 11 February 2007
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Deep Dive
Written 7 February 2007


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