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the fight goes on in this the babylon
FF7 || NC-17 (sex, mild D/s, trauma recovery); post-AC || Sephiroth/Cloud || ~29.5k words

When Sephiroth is discovered in the heart of Aeris' church, floating naked on his back in the shallow pool of rainwater, time stands still. It stands still like every cliché in which Cloud's heart stops, fear and hatred and his heart clawing at his throat like rats. It stands still and for a moment Cloud exists as a hollow shell, a rain of bullets on a lonely cliff, a sword through the back and the slow fall of a little marble into a still lake.


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Part of me refuses to give up LJ completely.

the world has teeth
Dishonored || R (sexuality, violence); post-Low Chaos || Corvo/The Outsider || ~13.5k words

The Outsider says, "I will give you a name, as I did for Daud. I do not play favorites, Corvo, but I'm interested to see which future you will choose when you realize how easily it could have all fallen apart, no matter how hard you tried or how many despots you ruined."

Corvo's tempted to ask why are you doing this even though he already knows the answer.

"Find Delilah."

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The last two chapters are on AO3.  Please read the author's notes at the end.

My hands are literally shaking with anxiety, but I'm sure it will soon change to relief that, after so many years (!!!), it's all over.
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The Asshole Effect
FF7/8/13 || PG-13: college!AU || Squall, Cloud, Lightning being bros || ~2,400 words
A book of absurdity, a pencil with a fancy stamp, and a rambling conversation between three assholes in Starbucks.

  • Born from my mumbling Tumblr post, heyo.

  • While it's a wandering conversation in a coffee shop, bits of canon from FFVII, FFVIII, FFXIII, and FFXIII-2 are mashed in with a cameo from FFX's deity, Yevon.

  • a few of the referenced non-canon events are still real-life events. What can I say, I’m a winner.

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There are few genres in which I haven't found something I liked (this does not, as people usually expect, include rap, hip-hop, or country), so, y'know, if you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  /begging

favorite love song about a sandwich
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FF7 || PG-13 || Cloud, Zack || ~1,200 words
Sometimes your worst enemy is just day-to-day life. Modern!AU.

  • Lyrics come from Rise Against, "The Approaching Curve"; Plowed, "Sponge"; The Killers, "Runaways." Because they're favorites, and I can, and this is semi-pretentious self-indulgence (i.e. therapy!fic for disaffected twenty-somethings) anyway.

Cloud is so lost in his own thoughts that he doesn't realize anything is different until he finds his hand grasping the handle of a car door. )

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and while i don't remember what happened in a way that can be coherently explained, i woke up for the first time in literally years actually fangirling about cloud and sephiroth and the bittersweet fuckery between them, oh my god, please let this mean my complete burnout on that fandom isn't actually complete anymore.

also, [livejournal.com profile] arin_rowan, i've been getting fuckloads of compliments on my d20 earrings at this place full of nerds and pagans, so hopefully you'll get a few more customers at your lovely etsy.  :D :D :D
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resorting to reading pornfic between seminars/rituals
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the world cuts deeper (when love's in my hands)
Dishonored || PG-13: classism, racism, sexism || Billie Lurk || 3,800 words
When Daud dies, Billie is heading for a ship to take her to Morley.

  • Present for ochrelock for the Dishonored Secret Santa - happy winter, hope you like it.  :D

  • High Chaos!Corvo, Low Chaos!Knife of Dunwall

  • Warnings: classism, racism, sexism, brief mention of past attempted sexual assault (not against Billie)

  • Past casual Billie/Delilah

  • Title from Tryad's "My Piano Sings (Part 4)"


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[ assassin's creed iii || ratonhnhaké:ton + struggle ]

woodkid || run, boy, run
saxon shore || tweleven
zola jesus || manifest destiny
jesper kyd || aphelion
ms mr || bones
imagine dragons || radioactive
florence + the machine || breath of life
sully erna || broken road
woodkid || iron
emancipator || all through the night
daniel licht || honor to all


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  1. Got an apartment downtown with Boyfriend and another friend and we're three blocks from my fave coffee shop, you can see my priorities here.  Also a ten minute walk from the wharf with all the hacking of sea lions and the pervasive smell of ocean that creeps through your window at night.

  2. (Which reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] fateofshadow, I keep meaning to send you more saltwater taffy.  Goddamn international shipping costs.)

  3. Stealing sporadic Internet from various coffee shops and the community center across the street, but since it is so sporadic I've done more actual reading of books in the last two weeks than the last several months.  Somehow I fail to regret this.

  4. Discovered I still have a problem with spending grocery money on books.  Exacerbated by now living four blocks from the nearest bookstore.

  5. OH SHIT I'm going to be representing the 'sky' realm in the upcoming three-realm-Celtic-inspired Samhain ritual, which means ritual performance!  In public!  In front of other people!  With the Morrigan!  Why the fuck did I volunteer for this!

  6. Found a leather jacket for ten bucks today.  Booya.

  7. Still no full-time job AHAHA who needs to eat

  8. The Assassin's Creed series is giving me feelings.

  9. Writing fic, what does that mean.

fabulous hula
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oops i mixed again.

this one's the general heartbreak that comes with sea shanties and the irish, but then, samuel beechworth did go to sea to forget a hopeless love.

[ dishonored || samuel beechworth + the sea]

great big sea || the banks of newfoundland
nightwish || the islander
string sisters || luseblus

damien dempsey || factories
celia ní fhátharta || úna dheas ní nia
alasdair fraser || sally mo ghradh
damien dempsey || go to sea no more
loreena mckennitt || kecharitomene


commentary on the lyrics )
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At least it's not some form of an industrial mix this time.

adamant blue

[ assassin's creed || altaïr ibn-la’ahad + hunting ]

shiva in exile || he’neya
stellamara || prituri se planinata
conjure one || redemption
dead can dance || dawn of the iconoclast
shiva in exile || bullet
mince pye || medieval drum dance
the moors || the hunter
e.s. posthumus || pompeii
buckethead || coma [feat. azam ali and serj tankian]


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which you may or may not already know, i don't really make a secret of it.

rl rage )
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The Boatman, Crossed by Death
Dishonored || R (violence) || The Outsider, Samuel, Corvo || ~7,500 words
"I know all the stories. I know all the beginnings, and all the endings. But it's the telling of them that changes, and Samuel knows far more than he thinks he does."

  • warnings for human sacrifice, descriptions of slavery, and the aftermath of torture

  • [livejournal.com profile] iambickilometer's belated birthday gift, woot

  • for your edification, my rambling on why I wrote the myth bits the way I did


"In the beginning was the Void – "

"But what made the Void?"

"Emily," Corvo murmurs at the same time Samuel says, "Beggin' your pardon, Your Majesty, but that's the kind of question best left to people more learned than I."

"Go ahead, Samuel," prompts Callista.

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"It's just so beautiful," she sobs into her Corvo Wanted poster shirt, finally looking up from her writing of a creation myth for the Outsider upon the arrival of a small, rectangular package.



can I just

have a moment plz

omg )
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Reminded that a) I really need to expand my music library at this point, and b) Hugh Dancy is a fine, fine man.

hannibal || will graham + falling

a perfect circle || the outsider [resident renholder remix]
deftones || change
jem || 24
black light burns || iodine sky
florence + the machine || girl with one eye
puscifer || rev. 22:20 [dry martini mix]
emancipator || ares
tricky || excess
tool || vicarious
halou || wholeness
lunatic soul || summerland


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and got slytherin, which surprised me so much i made a second account and tried it again.  and got slytherin.  again.

and i just

always figured myself for a gryffindor or ravenclaw

i feel like the foundation of my world has crumbled
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For The Boatman, Crossed by Death.

I have a tendency to take on ambitious projects that may or may not betray my baseline level of pretension but WHATEVER, OKAY, I DO WHAT I WANT, THOR.  So in lieu of ALL the religion and mythos that I want in Dishonored, which is honestly an impossible level to reach because there will NEVER BE ENOUGH EVER, I thought I'd write my own.  Which, again, quite possibly very pretentious, but that just means I was right all along and Pottermore should've put me in Ravenclaw.

  • A lot of this was based off info from the Dishonored Wiki, particularly the way the individual Isles relate to real-world nations.  More of it was inspired by Peter Jeans' Seafaring Lore and Legend, which I admit I bought purely because of this goddamn game.  I don't have the book on me because Boyfriend is borrowing it, and I can't cite specifics off the top of my head, but if you have any questions let me know and I will happily get back to you.

  • A couple unnamed characters come from the cultist scribblings in the Knife of Dunwall DLC.

  • I'm going to wait for the Brigmore Witches DLC before attempting anything about them; I figure enough of this is going to get Jossed as it is.

Simultaneous over-analysis and broad generalizations, go ~ )
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Title from Litany on the White Cliff.  This fucking game, goddamn.

[ dishonored || corvo attano + betrayal ]

mass effect || leaving earth
rob dougan || left me for dead
collide || some kind of strange
apocalyptica || peace
puscifer || the undertaker
muse || take a bow
infected mushroom || heavyweight
collide || feed me to the lions
tricky || excess
bush || mouth [the stingray mix]
lunatic soul || where the darkness is deepest
a perfect circle || judith [renholder remix]
lacuna coil || our truth


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