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I admit it, I still sometimes read in the HP fandom and I have no defense for that.  ^^

Stronger Than Hope
: Alaunatar
: Harry, Snape - gen
: AU after OoTP, a few HBP details. An obsessed, grieving Harry has decided on a dangerous way to defeat Voldemort. Snape is paying closer attention than before, but his contempt for Harry blinds him. Eventual Snape as Harry's guardian story.
: M - suicidal themes, general darkness, Snape being an utter bastard, mildly dark Harry.
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I seriously didn't think it was possible, but.  I found a Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover.  No, seriously.

...And it's actually pretty awesome, and not just because it has Sam going rather darkside a few times.   Mmm, Antichrist.  Also includes Sam fangirling over magic books, Dean telling wizards exactly what he thinks of their shenanigans, and also proving once more that he really would've made a good daddy in another life.  Well written and never takes itself too seriously.

Old Country
Author: astolat
Pairing: Wincest (eventually)
Author's Summary: Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts. (spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose, Deathly Hallows)

Set during season three, when Sam's still trying to break the deal Dean made with the crossroads demon.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm really missing traveling through the southern and midwestern states.  Eeeeh.
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(Give me a moment to brag about the 95/100 I got on my 'angels in Byzantine art' essay and the A+ for my 'sodomy in Dante's Inferno paper.  XD)

I'm not very happy with this chapter, but I want it to GO AWAY.  *dies*

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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Chapter 3
Written 19 December 2007

"Kid’s blond, he can’t help it. Maybe it’s the face—if you weren’t so damn cute, kiddo, maybe you wouldn’t have this problem. It’s the whole shoot-me-I’m-just-that-unbearably-adorable-and-wide-eyed thing you’ve got going, it’s like mating pheromones for sociopaths and serial killers and creepy Japanese businessmen."
There is nothing better than having a warm, silky, sleepy cat sprawled over your legs as you play on the comp.  Seriously.  *huggles the kitty*
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Posted 25 November 2007; WIP

Pairing: Harry/Draco, though it's rather slow-going
Summary: "Harry and Draco have both wished their lives were different.  Now Malfoy gets to learn that knowledge, not fear, is power, and Harry figures out that he isn't the only one to have had his fate decided without his permission."
Note: Crossover with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Last Dragon, Septimus Heap, Artemis Fowl, and perhaps others as they occur to me.  However, since Harry and Draco are the focus of this fic, knowledge of the others isn't (shouldn't be) necessary.

I know I said I'd never do HP again, but it appears that I overestimated my fortitude.  Usual warnings for the high likelihood of my losing interest.  Unbetaed.

Chapter 1 )

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The one good thing about having my brains trying to ooze out my nostrils is being able to skip class.  Not that I pay attention when I'm actually there anyway, but it's the thought that counts.
EDIT: Thank you to [profile] wes_lanefor finding me the link to that fanfic.  ^^
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Now we just have to wait for Draco to admit that he's gay and snog the breath out of Harry, and the world shall be filled with puppies and sunshine.  (Better than an unnamed witch and a son with a stupid name like Scorpius. And a receding hairline.)  And here I thought the whole Dumbledore/Grindelwald overtone was just me being a pervy fangirl. 

Which reminds me.  I was flipping through a biography on Alexander the Great and caught the phrase, "...and it was said that 'the only thing that ever defeated Alexander was Hephaestion's thighs.' "

...I giggled so hard.
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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
 Written 15 October 2007

Chapter 2 )
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All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Started 9 September 2007

KH/HP crossover/parody. WIP.
Humor; PG-13 for language/innuendo
Pairings: None, for now, but I'll probably give in to the Sephiroth/Cloud eventually.  Grrr.
Summary: "Cloud and Leon thought the destruction of their worlds was bad, but then, they'd never been drafted to teach Defense to Senseless English Wizarding Children by one Cunning Old Headmaster Who Should Be Shot."
Warnings: TWT, OOC, and random details not just from Kingdom Hearts but also Final Fantasy VII/VIII.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Updated 20 December 2007

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No, seriously, don't click on the LJ-cut if you haven't finished the last Potter book.
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Someone's emailed me with a request for the original version of Cast a Stone.  Unfortunately, I don't have it, though I did get some reviews/emails of people saying they were going to save a copy themselves.  Er, if those people don't mind, could I have those files so I can forward them to this person?  *hands out pocky-bribes*

My email is hadesphoenix13@yahoo.com.
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Then You Die
Written 26 March 2007


Jan. 7th, 2007 12:10 am
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Have I mentioned this already?  All my Harry Potter fics are on indefinite hiatus, which for me basically translates as giving up.  I don't want to declare them as definitively abandoned yet, because a few--like CaS, or Lucem Ferre--I'd like to continue sometime in the future.  Doesn't mean I will, I just want to leave the possibility open.  I'm just...way over HP.  Sorry to those who might've been hoping for an update.
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Posted 25 November 2007
Part 1 // Part 2

Chapter 1 )

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Happy All Saints' Day and belated Samhain/Hallowe'en.

I wish I had more time to write.  I get up, go to class, grab something to eat, go to work, come back at ten at night to the dorm and either do homework or go straight to sleep.  I'm so used to having a summer of doing nothing but sitting on my butt that having an entire week packed full is an entirely foreign concept.  It hurts my brain-matter.  On the plus side, I get a good hour and a half of fanfic writing during Astronomy, and who needs an A anyway?

Now that I work at the library I get to see the whole selection, and so far I've found Why We Love Harry Potter and Critical Essays on the World of Harry Potter.  Or something like that.  It has essays about the socio-economic implications of race and status in the Wizarding World, and the gender roles of the characters, and even Jungian archetypal imagery of Harry Potter.  I mean, don't these Ph.D people have better things to write about than Harry Potter, of all things, like, oh, world peace or something?  (I have an excuse.  I'm poor and intellectually challenged when it comes to recognizing bad habits.)

There was something I meant to say but I totally forgot what it was.  I've gotten sucked into Naruto, after I swore I wouldn't let myself get into any more mainstream anime.  (And I think it kinda sucks, but it's got an emo boy and emo boys are so much to make cry.)

What was I going to say?  *dies*  Meh.  I'm gonna go eat my wholly non-organic and entirely preservative-packed churro.  AND ENJOY IT, DAMMIT!  *shakes fist at her herbalist teacher*
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I think the most creative spelling I've managed to come up with for 'Sephiroth' is 'Speihorth'.

I still like 'Harry Pooter', though.

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Yes, I've started another fic.  It's a Final Fantasy VII/VIII crossover that I've been working on since the last week or two of school.  It's also the only one, besides House of Flies, for which I've written more than one chapter a day for - those two practically carried themselves.  Neither just left me alone and let me sleep.  ^_^;;  The title was inspired from one of my old French class papers I found written in l'imparfait. (I don't think that's how you spell it.  It's been two years since that class, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong, please).

Mad Violinist and I have started co-writing a Kingdom Hearts epic code-named Sanctuary until we figure out a more original title.  I hate writing long stories.  They never work out well for me, but her reasoning was that when I got sick of it, she'd take over, and vice versa.  She wanted to see some Sora/Riku fluff -- I'm just in it for the angry Sephiroth/Cloud and turning-that-pussy-Leon-back-into-hardcore-Squall.  *laughing*  And because Violinist  wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed, and then she wouldn't let me just slash every character since it 'wouldn't be realistic'.  *sulks*  I don't care if Seifer looks all of thirteen, he and Squall are so much fun together...

I also managed to pick up a Griever necklace at the Japanese market downtown for about ten bucks.  YES!  *punches self for being an idiot*
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I think I may be losing interest in the HP fandom.  -_-;;  It's been about four years now in HP, and I'm...kinda getting bored.  I no longer see stories that are really new, save for Lightning's Sacrifices arc, and it feels like I've explored the HP characters pretty much beyond the extent Rowling probably ever thought possible or should really be considered healthy.  Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts have been slowly taking over (like my avatar, to give the least example) and beyond that, my own fiction is feeling particularly neglected.

I'm not saying all attachment for HP is gone, but it is seriously depleted, and I don't know how much further I'll be able to take stories like CaS, PL, LF, BtRoD, et cetera before I have to let them die.  Hopefully not before I'm finished with them, but...*shrugs*  I'm sorry, but I thought I should say something as a kind of forewarning, in case those fics do end up dying.

And speaking of Paradise Lost, I finally read Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, and was severely disappointed.  Mephistopheles was just...lame.  In Goethe's version of the play, he turns himself into a poodle.

...a poodle.


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